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Content Commercialization

We work with partners to develop new approaches that address the software usability and data quality challenges that exist in healthcare today.

Combine your content with technology that improves the lives of healthcare providers and the patients they serve.

Content Commercialization, sharing clinical documentation content
y和市场份额our clinical documentation content to an established customer base of healthcare organizations using乐动体育足球 and theClinEvolve™ Marketplace
Content Commercialization, making the clinical documentation process easier

Improve the lives of clinicians by making the clinical documentation process easier

Content Commercialization, content that addresses quality and satisfaction

Transform care with content that addresses patient administration, patient satisfaction, quality measures or specialties like oncology, pediatrics, orthopedics, and behavioral health

Content Commercialization, maximize the value of paper-based content

Maximize the value of paper-based content by making it electronic

Our goal is to provide our customers with content and software that allows them to accelerate time to value, reduce clinicians burden, and facilitate the capture of high quality, actionable data.

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