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Clinical NLP

Clinical Natural Language Processing

An innovative approach to capturing valuable information locked in free text.

It is estimated that 80% of clinical data is stored as free text.

This in turn makes data dirty and hard to deal with. Without set standards there is no way to leverage data for decision support, improved analytics (population health) or effectively exchange information. Our Clinical Natural Language Processing tools allow clinicians to use the medium they prefer for capturing information, while still being able to take advantage of rich results derived from unstructured text.

Dirty data presents an infinite number of ways for terms to be misspelled, which can cause organizations to potentially classify information incorrectly. Context is important.

Our tools are not a black box, thus allowing configuration or quick implementation.

Our Clinical Natural Language Processing tools provide fast, actionable information without the traditional pains of typical NLP.

Use Cases:


Data Analytics / Population Health


Clinical Decision Support


Medication Management


Clinical Trial Candidates


Computer Assisted Coding


Clinical Documentation Improvement


Core Measure Reporting

…and more!

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